Love and Passion

Your love is a deep and endless ocean in which I swim.

Your skyclad embrace feels like home to me, and I seek it’s comfort.


Your love is my oasis.

Your body a divine temple for my worship.


You are my wine, my drug, my muse, my love.

Your kiss is like honey and fire, sweet on my lips,

but white heat to the embers of my being.


Your love to my soul is like air to my lungs.

Your skin is like silken electricity to my touch.


You are part of my spirit and I am part of you.

In our unity your sacred magic radiates through me and fuels my desire.


My love for you is my only possession and I give it to you freely.

Your surrender to the little death is our combined victory.


Your love is a fountain from which I drink.

Your passion is a blaze, and it consumes me.


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